Insights 2021

In the coming year we will open our doors again for all interested parties who are looking for insights into our daily work at Medizin im Grünen.

Visit one of our next workshops "Insights", take the chance to understand how we pave the way to mastery for young medical professionals. Experience first-hand how new medical technology matures into a safe product with us. Gain new experiences! We are open to all your questions and look forward to the dialogue with you.

We are planning two events in 2021:

Tickets for both events are available 6 weeks in advance on the event pages linked above.

Visit us!

Are you also curious and want to take a look behind the scenes of medicine in the countryside? Please contact us here!

History - Insights I - 10.09.2020

In our first workshop, the guests learned how young intensive care physicians and nurses at Medizin im Grünen learn and newly understand the ventilation of their patients.

In the second workshop, we explained to our guests how new medical devices mature into application-safe products in our laboratory.

The third workshop was dedicated to the topic of human preparations in orthopedics and neurosurgery. Thanks to the models provided by Plastinarium Guben and the Link company, the guests were able to see first-hand how important body donation is for our work

The last workshop of the day was finally about training young surgeons. The participants learned through a combination of videos, stories and the opportunity to put their own hands on how, for example, heart surgeons are accompanied on their way to mastery.

History - Insights II - 19.09.2020

In the second "Insights" session, the participants were also able to explore four workshops. In the first room, Dr. Wirtz, chief physician and intensive care physician, explained how young physicians learn the basics of ventilation at Medizin im Grünen.

The second workshop again focused on the research and development of novel medical devices. Through informative videos and exciting experiments, the guests learned about the long road new medical technology has to travel before it can be launched on the market as an application-safe product.

The third workshop was again dedicated to human models and orthopedics and neurosurgery. Here our guests learned about the role of body donors in our institution and why they are so indispensable for research.

The "Training for Surgeons" workshop was again about the heart - here, the guests were able to gain insights into the everyday training of young surgeons in medicine in the countryside, and even learned how to tie a surgical knot.


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