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16.06.2021 - 20.06.2021

Organ Transplantation

Learning by doing: Transplantation surgery, like all other specialisations in the surgical subjects, lives from regular participation in targeted continuous education. At the TOP course, you will meet lecturers, all masters in their specialty, for whom passing on their own experience and skills is a matter close to their hearts. Here, you will improve your surgical skills in extensive practical exercises, you will gain a wealth of experience in handling the most suitable models. You will practice preparing, resecting and anastomosing in the context of typical donor and recipient operations, always actively working in small teams with similarly experienced colleagues. Feedback matters: This surgery course lives from collegial feedback. At the beginning, we will test your practical skills to determine your current level and ideal group compositions. On all surgery days you will receive comprehensive feedback from your personal trainer and colleagues in your team. Finally, you will take part in a realistic test with all your acquired skills and experience. You will prove yourself in a well simulated donor and recipient operation on an anaesthetised animal model. We look forward to your participation. Over the past 18 years, the TOP course has accompanied many of your experienced colleagues on their way to professional mastery.

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"The course is very helpful and the organization is perfect."
"Excellent planning and support, perfect relation to practice, super speakers and team. Thank you very much."
"Good inter-collegial exchange and very good practice-oriented guidance / teaching"
Frau Sandra Fells
Frau Sandra Fells


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